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Photopular, 2010 – 2012

Flickr has been staggering for years now, their website is of another era, they clearly missed the jump to mobile computing, and we’re not very optimistic about its future.
We’ve decided to stop further development on Photopular, our Flickr iPhone app. It was our first iPhone app, so it’s a sad decision for us.

The app will now be free, and we will keep it on the AppStore, but don’t expect any new features.

We will also stop using Flickr, and move our personal portfolios to 500px, which is a far better product in our opinion. We suggest you do the same if you’re also looking to an alternative to Flickr ;)

Our 500px app, ISO500 will be updated shortly to support the iPhone 5 4-inch display.

ISO500 version 2.0 is out !

ISO500 has been rewritten from the ground up: new App Icon, new User Interface, new major features.
Users can now search for photos based on keywords and tags, filter photos by category.
And we’ve added a premium mode (unlockable with a $1.99 in-app purchase) that unlocks the most requested feature we’ve had since the introduction of ISO500: photo upload !

Users can now pick photos from their iPhone or iPod Touch and upload them to 500px. The app even supports EXIF data, and provides a form to add a title, description and technical data to each photo.
The premium mode also adds offline browsing capability, sharing to Instagram, and saving photos to the device camera roll.



We are in the final stages before launching a brand new update to ISO500 and to make the app even better, we ask for your contribution: We want to feature one of your photos on the first page, when users launch the app.

If you want to participate, please share the URL to one of your 500px photos on Twitter and use the hashtag #ISO500Contest.
(You must of course be the picture’s author and you’re name will appear in the app credits.)

We will choose a total of 5 photos to display randomly in the app, thank you for your help !

UPDATE (19/06/2012): 

We would like to thank those who entered the #ISO500Contest.
The winners are @BAlaeddin, @helenhooker, @nhoizey, @MRGT_ and @remiboucher !

Awwwards — Site of the day

Awwwards has selected our website as “Site of the day” for March 28th, 2012. We couldn’t be happier.
Thanks to all of you who voted for us, to the Awwwards Jury and to Nerisson.

Photopular 4.2.1 is released

Photopular 4.2.1 is available on the App Store. It fixes a couple of bugs :

  • Detailled referrer data was being displayed in version 4.2
  • Today’s statistics re not displayed in the graph
  • We removed “by (null)” in shared messages to Twitter/Mail

We are already working on some exciting new features to make Photopular more complete. We want to make the best Flickr App out there. We’re not there quite yet…

CSS Design Awards

We are honored to have been chosen as the website of the day for March 22nd on

Thank you very much to CSS Design Awards, to those who voted for us and to Nerisson who designed the website.


App Store Essentials

We’re very proud to be featured in another App Store Selection. Check out Photopular & ISO500 on the App Store !

Photopular 4.2.1

We’ve issued an update to Photopular to fix these bugs :

  • Referrer detailled data did not load correctly
  • Today’s statistics are not displayed in the graph
  • “by (null)” added to Twitter/Mail sharing messages

It should be available in the coming days, we’re waiting for Apple to review it.

Photopular 4.2

Photopular 4.2 has been updated to version 4.2, it adds the following features :

  • Write comments
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr
  • UI Enhancements
  • Better image loading
  • New Icon
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

We also created a dedicated website :

ISO500 1.3.1

We’ve fixed a couple of bugs in the latests ISO500.
Writing comments was causing the app to crash when using the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S.

We’ve also optimized the loading of photos when viewing them fullscreen.